Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20 update

001. Read 100 books I've never read before.
I just finished The Great Tree of Avalon Book II: Shadows on the Stars by T.A. Barron. This is not my favorite fantasy series, but the book got better towards the end and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens to all of the characters in the third and final book.

002. Paper journal daily for a year
I am not doing well on this because I haven't written since coming back to Albany. I'm going to try to take it up again. I don't want to stress about the missed days because that is what leads me to give up writing completely.

035. Take vitamin and calcium daily for 3 months.
So far so good. I've gone 20 days.

054. Pay off my credit card
Just sent in January's payment today.

065. Go to the library once a week to do work or read.
I went with Justin last Wednesday and read some of my book. School is starting this week so I should have more work to do at the library soon.

066. Do some laundry once every 2 weeks.
I did some today and will probably have to do more this week. I hate laundry so this is really hard to motivate myself to do.

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