Friday, January 9, 2009

First Update

Now that I have made all of my blog entries I can update with where I am so far. Nothing is complete yet but I have several in progress goals to report:

001. Read 100 books I have never read before. Finished 1/100:
The Princess Diaries Volume X: Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

I love this series and I am so sad it is over. It had a great ending though, and Meg Cabot said that she may someday write about Mia Thermopolis again! I really hope so!

002. Paper journal daily for a year
I have kept up with this so far, which I find impressive. I usually write before I go to sleep. Sometimes if I put it off too long I don't feel like writing so I do a pretty short entry. Other times I have actually written quite a bit. 8/365 days

027. Have one “me” day a month.
Finished for January '09. I went out shopping and bought new bras, sneakers, and a few video games. I also went to Barnes and Noble to have a coffee and look around.

033. Make a conscious effort to be heard the first time I say something.
I have been trying to do this, but it's going to take more work.

035. Take a vitamin and calcium every day for 3 months. I started January 1st and I've kept up with this goal so far.

045. Date with Justin once a month
Complete for January '09. We went out to dinner at TGI Friday's and then over to Barnes and Noble to look around and have coffee.

050. Write on 5 Face book walls a month. I have 4/5 for the month of January. I need one more.

053. Save $1.00 a day for 1001 days. I'm actually a little ahead on this one because I put $20.00 into my savings. I'm usually going to take the money out of my work paycheck but I'm not going back to work until the 19th.

066. Do some laundry once every 2 weeks. I did all of my laundry on 1/4/09 so I've gotten off to a good start.

084. Watch 40 of AFI’s top 100 that I haven’t seen before.
I started this one today with the number 1 movie on AFI's list. It was really weird because after I decided which movies I was going to watch my Tivo recorded Citizen Kane as a suggestion. It never records movies, and Citizen Kane was on my list so I decided to start there.

I really enjoyed it and I understand why it is so highly regarded. I am amazed that it was made in 1941. Many of the story telling techniques and cinematography would not be out of place in a more modern film. I did already know the ending, but that did not stop me from enjoying it at all.

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