Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Whole List

My 1001 days begin 1 January 2009 and end 29 September 2011

Each item has an entry with more detail that can be accessed from the tags at the side of my blog.

In progress: italics

Finished: bold

Reading and Writing
1. Read 100 books I’ve never read before
2. Paper journal daily for a year
3. Read 20 memoirs or biographies

4. Report to writing time for 30 minutes every day for two months
5. Write 10 poems
6. Write 3 short stories
7. Write a novel
8. Read 5 Shakespeare plays that I haven’t read before
9. Read 5 of my writing books
10. Read the news every day for a month

11. Finish my quilt
Sew some object of clothing
13. Make Tiramisu
14. Finish my Author/Writing bulletin board
15. Learn 5 songs on my bass
16. Learn to make scones without a recipe
17. Make 20 new recipes
18. Crochet something I will actually use
19. Make a cheesecake

Health and well being:
20. Find OBGYN and go to appointment

21. Brush, Floss and use mouthwash every day for three months
22. Do Wii fit 5/7 days a week for two months
23. Get HPV vaccine
24. Get a haircut once every two months
25. Get my eyebrows waxed once a month
26. Get a massage
27. Have one “me” day a month 28. Get measured for my bra size
29. Buy 5 matching bra/panty sets
30. Go to the eye doctor
31. Buy a Diva cup
32. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself
33. Make a conscious effort to speak louder and be heard the first time I say something
34. Take my pill at the same time every day for 3 months without missing

35. Take vitamin and calcium every day for 3 months
36. Watch only an hour of TV a day for 1 month

37. Shave my legs once a week for 3 months
38. Buy a plant and keep it alive for a year
39. Go for a walk 3 times a week for 2 months

For others:
40. Create and donate 2 blankets to Project Linus

41. Volunteer 101 hours
42. Earn 50,000 grains of rice
43. Give a present to a child on a wish tree each Christmas

44. Donate $25 to five different charities

45. Date with Justin once a month

46. Get engaged

47. Call grandpa once every three weeks
48. Join some kind of group that meets regularly (e.g. book club)
49. Make a list of 101 reasons I love Justin
50. Write on 5 Face book walls a month
51. Surprise someone unexpectedly with something nice 3 times

52. Make handmade cards for people 5 times

The Future
53. Save $1.00 a day for 1001 days

54. Pay off my credit card

55. Adopt a black lab, or if I decided I cannot yet afford/house one, donate at least $100 to

56. Earn my Masters of Information Studies

57. Update my resume and create portfolio
58. Get a job as a school library media specialist
59. Attend one library organization conference
60. Speak in class twice a week for four weeks
61. Get three papers or projects finished early
62. Buy more memory for my compute
63. Spend less than 1 hour on the internet for non-school related things for a month
64. Come up with a creative new idea for the library in each of my internships
65. Go to the library once a week to do work or read

66. Do some laundry once every 2 weeks

67. Do the beginner baby steps on

68. Organize makeup and toiletries and discard what I do not use
69. Make an emergency kit for my car
70. Clean out my file folders every 2 months

71. Wear a costume one Halloween

72. Take 5 recreational classes or workshops
73. Go to a drive in movie

74. Have a Star Wars Movie Marathon
75. Go to a book signing
76. take a picture every day for a month
77. literary tattoo
78. Go Kayaking
79. Go hiking
80. Go ice skating
81. Go on a roller coaster
82. Write letters to 3 famous people and send them
83. Go to a concert
84. Watch 40 of the AFI top 100 movies that I haven’t seen
85. Find 5 new musicians/bands I like and buy their album
86. Go star gazing

87. Try 10 new kinds of beer
88. Watch a sunrise
89. Make Margaritas

90. Go to a state that is not on the East coast

91. Go to another state I have never been to (not same as above)
92. See a Broadway show
93. Go to 5 new places in Albany

94. Go to a sporting event
95. Go to 10 new restaurants
96. Go camping
97. Go to a park 4 times in one summer
98. Find and go to 5 pubs- buy a meal and a drink
99. Go to 5 local events like fairs
100. Go to Canada

101. Make a new 101 list

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