Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2/3/09 update

035. I have been keeping up with my calcium and vitamins

I finished the Great Tree of Avalon series with the final book: The Eternal Flame. I know T.A. Barron has written other books about Merlin, but I don't think I'll be reading them. Even though it ended up with an entertaining story, I found the writing style annoying sometimes. For example, he would overdo writing in the accents of characters. However, I'm glad I saw the series through.

Lauren and I watched The Philadelphia Story. I liked it, but I was disappointed with who Katharine Hepburn ended up with at the end.

066. I'm still behind on laundry, but I've been doing enough to keep up with this goal

002. I haven't written in my journal since coming back to Albany. I have to restart this one.

053. So Far I have 30 dollars. I get a paycheck on Friday that I'll use to catch up.

025. I decided to pluck my own eyebrows this month because I didn't find anywhere that I would like to go yet.

050. Completed for this month. Mostly birthday wishes

065. I went to the library on Friday and am getting back in the swing of it.

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